Saturday, 14 November 2015

Mr Leather Spain 2016 event seen from Kilkers eyes

So, I haven't written on here for a while. After my 2 years representing 2 titles, one needed a little break and I'm glad I got it. I apologise for not writing more, though. But I'm back, and with more energy than ever before. 

As some of you might be aware, last weekend we celebrated the first Mr Leather Spain in recent years. All I can say is, it turned out to be an event I'm very, very proud of for so many reasons. Let's get back in time. 

3 years ago, I contacted few clubs and people in spain to try to create this. All I've got back was people scared to take such risk, or no answers. I was living in the UK and didn't know much about the Spanish ferish scene. Perhaps I didn't know the right people, perhaps I gave up too quick. But yes, it didn't happen. 

Few months ago, I was contacted by Javier Rocamora, a Spanish guy into the scene to tell me that a small group of people wanted to organise the event, and if I was interested in helping them. Of course, that was music to my ears and I accepted gladly. 

They pics for the poster and website were given by Matt Spike (once again, thanks Matt for putting your 2 pence a here, mate). And I was also asked if I could host the event in English and Spanish. I was very hesitant of this last part at first, as I had never emceed before. But I wanted to help as much as possible and it'd be a whole new experience and perspective on leather contests for me. So why not? 

The following few months of preparation were mostly driven by the contestants and Vane and Tony, a straight couple that have put an inmense effort, resources and illusion on this. My hat goes off for this two people. As knowing nearly nothing about the leather scene and with the purpose of helping a friend at first, they ended up being the 2 main columns of the organisation together with their friend David Seo. 

Lets get on the contest day...


I arrived to Benidorm on Friday. My parents drive me for 7 hours to come see the contest and me in leather for the first time. I was quite calm till then. They dropped me at the Bali hotel and that's when the reality hit me. There was no way back, it was happening! I must admit I got extremely nervous thinking on getting on stage again. 

I went up into the rooms and I met the organisation team and the contestants face to face for the first time. Their welcoming was amazing. Quick change into leather and straight down for the contestant presentation. 

The contestants (left to right): David, Ivan, Cris, Fran, Javier, Frank and our champion Luis.

The venue is amazing. The stage was huge. I had a hard time trying to remember the names of the 7 contestants and the 5 judges (bloody sexy ones if I might say by the way). They were understandably nervous, but way more calm than I was. Everyone have the audience their reasons to represent MLS and we went for dinner to the hotel buffet. 

At night, there was a BLUF party and Odarko one. I must highlight the friendly atmosphere and the playful mood of people, specially in then toilets **double cough**

 Let me thank to Manuel Carranco and Tony Blanko at this point for betting on us too by the way. They're some of the best DJ and event organisers in Spain. And we really appreciate their effort. Thanks a lot guys. 


I had an early night (who am I kidding, I closed the disco! Lol). And the next day, I had breakfast with some of the contestants and found one of the sexiest men I've ever seen by the coffee machine, but that's another story ;-)

During the day, we mostly stayed by the pool of the hotel. The weather was very inviting and the company, unbeatable! Then I went up to get changed for the afternoon duties. 

More people turned out this day. The vibe was good. I was more relaxed than the day before. It was not the case with the contestants, though. After 1000s of selfies and pics in the photocall, it was time for their private interview with the judges and the performances (hell yes!). And they got on with it. 

Some people did an speech in English, most of them in Spanish, and we still don't know if one of them had a billiard ball up his ass as he stated on stage or it was a joke (we'll leave it up to our imagination). They were fun to watch, though. Well done guys. So after they all did what they had to. We had a break for dinner and counting the votes. 

Dinner was so much fun. We had a reserved area of the hotel and the turnout was amazing. So many geared men craving for food and the other hotel guests didn't seem to care. In fact, they found it amazing! And we've even got a surprise cake with the main pic of the MLS poster on it! 

The surprise cake. 

It was time for the results though. My parents arrived at the hotel and I met them briefly before entering the Venir. Very nervous and surprised at first, people made them feel very accommodated so thanks for that guys (I was pretty nervous of their reaction too, but they were very proud of their kinky son. Ha!). 

Tony Blanko, with my parents, sister, Vane and Toni from the organisers team.

The contestants got few surprises. A little goody bag courtesy of Mister B and Into The Tank (thanks Manu, Tony and Mister B for that) and a contestant medallion each in recognition of their merit. And I got a surprise trophy for my collaboration too (which I didn't know about). So trying to hold my tears, I came down from the stage and gave it to my family in recognition of their support. 

And the time had come, after thanking the judges and the audience for coming, the results were in... I asked Thorsten Bull, the new Mr Leather Europe to give the sash, which he gladly did. 

The Stunning Thorsten, current Mr Leather Europe

2nd Runner up: David Espejo! 
1st Runner up: Fran!
And the new Mr Leather Spain 2016, Luis!! (You can find him on Facebook under the name of "Alter Cuero").

The winner, Luis with Fran (first runner up, right) and David (2nd runner up. left).

And after congratulating Luis and leaving him with all the attention someone gets at that moment, I went backstage towards Vane. That's when it hit me, I hugged her and I started to cry. It had finally happened. We had a Mr Leather Spain!! 

And we hope is the first of many years to come. 

Our new Mr Leather Spain 2016, Luis


Special thanks to the contestants: Luis, Fran, David, Cris, Frank, Ivan and Javier.

And the judges:

- Andrea Presi: representing Leather Friends Italia.
- Thorsten Bull: representing the ECMC and Mister Leather Europe. 
- Tony Blanko: representing Into The Tank
- Carlos: Representing "Grand Hotel Bali".
- Geoff: representing "Benidorm Pride".

Hope to see you all next year for a wonderful weekend.


Mr Leather Europe 2012

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Mr Leather Europe 2012 goodbye post

Today I'm in Maun, Botswana. Stuck for work in the same hotel room I am supposed to know the name of the next Mr Leather Europe. It's Friday 8th of November. Oddly, my mothers birthday too. So emotions are running. I'm 7500km from Padua, italy. The place where the competition is being held this year.

The reason I'm here, if anybody missed it is simple: work. I work for a charter airline in London. Which operates 10 trips on a private jet around the world each year. I decided to apply for a trip this year given my passion for travelling and delivering a good service to our guests. This year, from around 3000 cabin crew, only 160 passed the selection process and 60 got selected to operate these special trips. Chances were that I got selected for one that run this time of the year. Putting me Ina compromised position. Not only I miss being in italy, but I miss my mum's, my twin's and my own birthday. I can't complain though, I got to travel the circumference of the equator in distance across 9 countries in 24 days. So I decided not to kiss this opportunity and take the trip. Which, fair enough, it's been perhaps the best travel experience of my life.

A year ago I was crowned Mr Leather Europe in hamburg. I can't believe time has run so fast since then and so many things have happened on a personal and professional level. Has is been easy? Not at all. Not at least for me. There's been so many changes in both levels that I had to go with along with the title. Has it been rewarding? 100% YES! Although of course, this is not a proper goodbye and perhaps is a new start, I am going back to so many fantastic moment I've lived through the title this year. 

Let's start by saying I never expected to land in this world the way it happened. I was fairly new into fetish when November 2011 someone invited me to compete for Mr Leather UK in Manchester, United Kingdom. After winning the contest. My adventures started with Mr Rubber UK Inuki, and Sly Hands, the newly crowned Mr international Rubber. Both based in the UK and whose support has been vital for me to live such an amazing experiences. I believe both are in Chicago for MIR now. Thanks a lot guys for your support.

On a personal level, I can thank enough to my family and friends, who completely understood, liked and support my journey all the way. Specially my parents, brother and sister and my friends in London (very specially Jonathan Carter who supported me way before all this began). And of course, on a very very personal level, my leather daddies. Two of the men who have followed, inspired and helped me specially the last year. Thank you very much guys.

Coming to the title perhaps the most intense experience again was meeting my brothers at IML. Wherever in the world we are, it seems time doesn't go by. Thanks for filling up my whatsapp with so many messages lol. Miss you guys! And specially the European representation of my class, Nick and David. Who did a great job representing Europe at IML 2011.

Millions and millions of thanks to all the team of ECMC who gave me the chance to compete and represent Mr Leather Europe this year. My apologises to all the members and delegates for not being in Padua this weekend. I hope you understand the reason behind. Thanks honestly everyone for giving me the chance and the reason for writing this post today. I've found a family in you. Thanks for following and supporting me along the way. And of course, all the European titleholders that have been there with me this year. There's probably a name to hold the sash, but so many that actually own it. Thank you guys for being there.

What has been the best for me? Meeting so many people all around the world. So many men and women within our community that have always received me in a way words can't even explain. Even if it was the first time they met me, it looked we spent a whole life together. And also making friends for life. A great example, my surprise birthday party at Palm Springs leather pride a year ago organised by payasos LA. Thanks everyone for opening your arms the way you've done.

If all this would start over again, my message would be exactly the same as what I tried to say at IML. The importance of acknowledging the effort of everyone, and not just titleholders. From event organisers, to leather or fetish bar owners, to the first or last individual that forms part of the fetish community. Thanks for making of this such a fantastic place.

I remember Daniel Dumont telling me that a title year is like a process when a boy grows to become a man. So thanks to everyone who's made of this boy, the man and specially the Leatherman I've become today.

Mr Leather Europe 2012

Thursday, 1 August 2013

IML 2013 and Toronto trip

Chicago and Toronto:

This time I'm seated on a plane that departed Toronto 2 hours ago bound to London. It's the 3rd time I burst into tears today. I must admit I am emotionally really weak. Its so easy to make me cry, and so easy to make me laught, quite easy to hurt, but even easier to make me feel the luckiest man in the world. Beside me, there's a little child, probably 5-6 years old, and his father. Both are looking at me with sympathy, so are the cabin crew passing collecting the trays.they probably don't understand that crying sometimes is good, specially for the fit reasons. Let me explain the last couple of weeks. 

It's been such an amazing experience to go back to Chicago and meet my last year brothers and all the people I met. Somehow, it was mind blowing. And thinking about it now its making me more emotional.

A year ago I flew there with lots, lots, and lots of fears. All this was a challenge for me. I remember the days when I used to hate doing sport education at school. As I had to have shower with the guys. I used to stay in the corner and hear everything they had to say (about being gay etc...). I'm not ashamed to say so, I've hated myself so many years till a very traumatic experience and probably in consequence, running to the titles add me realise that everyone is sexy in their own way. 

Competing at IML meant so much than a prize for me. It meant self validation. It meant that finally I felt like everyone else, and I wanted no more than that.

This year I had the pleasure of seeing the journey of David and Francisco, the guys representing UK. I won't get into so much details. But all I can say is how proud they've made me. I hope inside them, something lighted up the way something started in me a year ago. I guess every contestant has his inner story, but seeing it from the other perspective has been an adventure. I might add at this point that they reached what they reached by themselves. I only had 2 advices for both of them. Being themselves and enjoying the experience.

I was totally convinced from the beginning both were the right choice. And the titles, for different reasons, were the right choice for them. But the merit is all theirs. I gotta thank them personally for giving such a great impression of the European leather community.

Besides, I was glad few of our friends flew there for UK. And got a glance to see what IML is like from inside. It was nice to live this experience with you guys. Thanks for coming (you know who you are).

Seeing my brothers, and having so many people complimenting David and Frankie, looking at my friends enjoying the weekend as much as I did, it's been very rewarding. I still look back, and I can't believe everything that happened in the last 2 years.

I just thank specially to Gary. He's been there putting up with Frankie and me. I am aware that it must be hard sometimes. But he's never disappointed.

It was amazing to see people even remembered what we said last year during the speeches. Even impressed that people remembered I competed lol. So glad the message was spread. I could not ask for more, And having people complimenting for the pictures they see online, somehow that still brings me to that moment in the showers at school. It's a very weird sensation.

I believe Frankie and David now feel a similar sensation. So are my IML brothers (may I add guys, how amazing has been looking a year back and remembering it all? You rock). I'm very proud of them and can't wait to hear what they have to say.


Toronto has been emotionally draining for me. I was warned I'd love it. But I didn't imagine it'd be so special. There's little details that can touch me big big time. I'm a guy who appreciate little things. I believe little things can make big changes. And Toronto, and the people I met there have touched so many of the little things that move my world.

First I have to thank Tarna and specially Sean. They've been amazing hosts there. Such a pleasant people to meet. Thank you, thank you and thank you so much. Thanks for opening me the doors to your world, for letting me be part of your book. Without entering to name everyone I saw there, guys, you made the trip so much fun! 

And Inked Kenny, who gave me the chance to shoot with him. Such a great artist. He has captured things I had in my mind for long time. I feel so lucky that people like him, Matt Spike, House of XY, Richard Yates and mi guapito, Sly Hands, were even interested in taking pics. If someone had told me that 2 years ago, I'd have slapped them as hard as I could. There's moments when I sit down and think "I don't know if this is a dream, I don't know if this will ever end. But if I ever wake up I want to look back at all this, and remember everything".

I really wish I could have stayed longer than 3 days in Toronto. But we'll make it happen...

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Antwerp Leatherpride 2013 and Berlin blues

So there we are: another journey back to London from another amazing leather event. This time the turn was for Antwerp leather pride. In my second consecutive year, I had the honour to judge Mr Leather Belgium again.

Still with the sweet memory of Quentin (Mr Leather Belgium 2012) and his election a year ago. It was such an honour to be part of his beginning and his step aside. It said that there's a transition in a title holders year. Is like a self evolution, an inner battle to find yourself. With Quentin, this has been as obvious as ever. A wake up call to what I expect it will happen to me in October. I will realise how everything has changed in the last 2 years, I guess. Such an emotional moment embracing him after he handled his title, and reminding him that this year was just the beginning. I kind of wonder what it will feel like for me in few months.

I started the weekend heading to the Petrol and the boots (of course). The boots has been awarded as the best fetish club at the X awards this year by the way. And despite I came all by myself from UK, it didn't take long to meet all my European family (oh, and some American too). Meeting with friends is always great, no matter what country you're in. Ad if there's a bit of action involved, even better ;-)

On Saturday, we had work to do. We headed to Darklands for the election of the new Mr Leather Belgium. Contestants were surprisingly calm and confident, which I loved. And Alejandro, of Filipino origin and with a breathtaking physique, was the winner of the title. If there was something that attracted my attention was his motivation though.
Here I must congratulate the organisers: the venue was more than outstanding: huge, with a market and booths. Kind of like IML. But this time the bar area, the dark area, and the dance area was all together. I thought the idea was amazing and I really hope next year more brands join, and of course, more people. The more, the better.

Sunday ended up being bit more relaxed and social. But meeting new people is always great. There's something that always happen in every single trip to me. I always meet someone special. Someone that leaves a sweet taste on my memories of that trip. I always end up going home alone though hehehe... This time was no different. But the best thing of all this trip for me is the memories we make, and that's something I always bring back with me.

I'm on a train to Brussels back to London with the former Mr leather Europe 2008 Ralf. Exhausted, but happy as ever, going through this little depression you get when is kind of events are over. Or as he call it, suffering from "Berlin blues". But he has a remedy, have his next trip booked.

So, looking forward to the next "Berlin blues" here...

Next stops (Planned as per now):

- February: Mr Rubber Florida, Fort Lauderdale.
- March: Mr Leather Poland, Poznan
- May: Amsterdam fetish pride and international Mr Leather (Chicago).
- July: Dore Alley (San Francisco).
- October: Mr Leather Europe 2013, Zurich

Mr Leather Europe 2012

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Happy first anniversary Mr Leather and Mr Rubber UK 2012

Well, 365 full days have passed by since all this journey started. I believe all these feelings can not be translated into words. It's been a hell of a journey and a great honour to start representing the UK's fetish community.

In this journey, I had met amazing people all around the world. By the way, thanks for all your support. It'd be impossible to describe how important it is in a journey we've been through. A journey is never free from difficult moments, or disappointments, ups and downs. But just been able to meet such an amazing people all over makes it all more than worthy. Today, a year ago, we would have never imagine what was ahead of us.

With all these people's respect. I would love to specially mention Sly Hands once again. He's been such a good mentor, a friend and a great fetish ambassador throughout this year too (plus, he's admitted having wet dreams involving leather too hehehe...). This year would have never been the same without you, mi guapito.

But very specially, congratulations to my title husband Inuki. No matter the distance, you've been close when I needed it. And a great travel companion and emotional support too. You've achieved lots this year and went way further than we could both imagine. Our journey continues, it doesn't stop here. But today is a great day to look back, remember where it all started and all the great memories that came since then, and dream of the ones the future will bring.

No more words left but thanks for being part of this year with me.

Congratulations, and happy first anniversary sexy pup!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

After MLE 2012

I am seated on the last row of a flight from Hamburg back to London, wearing my favourite leather vest and a very special leather wristband someone gave me at IML. I guess it's pretty normal after a weekend like the last one that lots of things come through my mind, specially from the last 11 months. When it all started, I had never imagined this would reach that far.

First, I would like to give a special recognition to Sly Hands. It's now a year that you invited me to take part at Mr Leather UK. And have supported me unconditionally and helped me ever since then. Your title might end up in 2 weeks, but the effect you had in people will last for a lifetime. I guess it's not easy for friends and family to follow all this either, so thanks for your support and for sharing this journey with me.

Last Saturday, in Hamburg, I felt like being part of a big family. ECMC has been very inclusive inviting me to take part of not only this, but all their events during the past 11 months. Thanks for inspiring the future generation of leathermen. I feel so humbled I've been given this opportunity. It was fantastic to see so many clubs there together. And supporting everyone no matter the country we were coming from.Daniel, special thanks for your words, and for taking care of us. You should know that I am already nervous about getting whipped next year...

Finalists: Mr Leather Italy and Mr Fetish NRW 2012 
To the rest of the 9 brothers that took part this year. Wow! It's been a pleasure meeting you. Thanks for standing my nerves the way you did. And for putting a great show together. Hosts were right: What a creativity! I really hope seeing you all soon, and that we share this journey together.

And not to forget the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Spike Hamburg (who did a great job in organising this fantastic weekend), hosts, all the sponsors, people that attended (very important nowadays), technicians and everyone that made this possible. Regarding the sash, special mention to Mr Chaps. They've done an amazing job designing it. Danke!

It's been so gratifying to share this weekend with you, and to feel the warmth of everyone that approached with the best wishes to all the contestants. We all have the same in common, so let's keep the fetish alive.

Remember there are two words which move the world, so each and everyone, thank you!

Kilker Alcaraz
Mr Leather Europe 2012

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Pre Mr Leather Europe impressions

                    Two weeks left to Mr Leather Europe contest, and nerves are already flowing through my veins. It is really bringing me to the beginning of may, when I couldn't think of anything else than International Mr Leather. I must say I am really excited, and, like IML, I am sure it will be surprising, since I've never been to the contest before. Have a look at the contestants this year, as somebody told me, they're a great representation of the European leather community (great guys!). Looking forward to see them again.

Mr Leather Europe is organised by the members of the ECMC. Each year a different club organises it. And this year is the turn of Spike Hamburg the weekend of the 20th of October. I've never been to the city, so that will add spice to my experience. I actually must thank to all the members of the ECMC. They've been really supportive this year and proved how inclusive the leather scene can be. And helped me to bring the message of Mr Leather UK even further by inviting me to all their events (shame I couldn't do them all but looking forward to the ones to come).

I am having a fantastic end of current title year. My expectations have been SURPRISINGLY surpassed. At this time, I look back and think "can you believe all this would happen?". The answer is clear, its been all an absolute surprise.

Is now when I look back and think of a lot of people. I must specially thank as usual to my rubber brothers Sly Hands and Rubber Inuki (who I will be supporting and cheering up at Mr international Rubber next month in Chicago). And special thanks at this time too to The Hog Works who is been really supportive this year, and specially now for Mr Leather Europe.

After all, as I've been saying through the whole year, the best thing of holding this title is been meeting all this amazing people that I met, that that will be there for a lifetime. So looking forward to meet the ones that I already met again in Hamburg, and of course, so looking forward for upcoming ones!

So, see you everyone in Hamburg in two weeks!

Kilker Alcaraz
Mr Leather UK 2012