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Mr Leather Spain 2016 event seen from Kilkers eyes

So, I haven't written on here for a while. After my 2 years representing 2 titles, one needed a little break and I'm glad I got it. I apologise for not writing more, though. But I'm back, and with more energy than ever before. 

As some of you might be aware, last weekend we celebrated the first Mr Leather Spain in recent years. All I can say is, it turned out to be an event I'm very, very proud of for so many reasons. Let's get back in time. 

3 years ago, I contacted few clubs and people in spain to try to create this. All I've got back was people scared to take such risk, or no answers. I was living in the UK and didn't know much about the Spanish ferish scene. Perhaps I didn't know the right people, perhaps I gave up too quick. But yes, it didn't happen. 

Few months ago, I was contacted by Javier Rocamora, a Spanish guy into the scene to tell me that a small group of people wanted to organise the event, and if I was interested in helping them. Of course, that was music to my ears and I accepted gladly. 

They pics for the poster and website were given by Matt Spike (once again, thanks Matt for putting your 2 pence a here, mate). And I was also asked if I could host the event in English and Spanish. I was very hesitant of this last part at first, as I had never emceed before. But I wanted to help as much as possible and it'd be a whole new experience and perspective on leather contests for me. So why not? 

The following few months of preparation were mostly driven by the contestants and Vane and Tony, a straight couple that have put an inmense effort, resources and illusion on this. My hat goes off for this two people. As knowing nearly nothing about the leather scene and with the purpose of helping a friend at first, they ended up being the 2 main columns of the organisation together with their friend David Seo. 

Lets get on the contest day...


I arrived to Benidorm on Friday. My parents drive me for 7 hours to come see the contest and me in leather for the first time. I was quite calm till then. They dropped me at the Bali hotel and that's when the reality hit me. There was no way back, it was happening! I must admit I got extremely nervous thinking on getting on stage again. 

I went up into the rooms and I met the organisation team and the contestants face to face for the first time. Their welcoming was amazing. Quick change into leather and straight down for the contestant presentation. 

The contestants (left to right): David, Ivan, Cris, Fran, Javier, Frank and our champion Luis.

The venue is amazing. The stage was huge. I had a hard time trying to remember the names of the 7 contestants and the 5 judges (bloody sexy ones if I might say by the way). They were understandably nervous, but way more calm than I was. Everyone have the audience their reasons to represent MLS and we went for dinner to the hotel buffet. 

At night, there was a BLUF party and Odarko one. I must highlight the friendly atmosphere and the playful mood of people, specially in then toilets **double cough**

 Let me thank to Manuel Carranco and Tony Blanko at this point for betting on us too by the way. They're some of the best DJ and event organisers in Spain. And we really appreciate their effort. Thanks a lot guys. 


I had an early night (who am I kidding, I closed the disco! Lol). And the next day, I had breakfast with some of the contestants and found one of the sexiest men I've ever seen by the coffee machine, but that's another story ;-)

During the day, we mostly stayed by the pool of the hotel. The weather was very inviting and the company, unbeatable! Then I went up to get changed for the afternoon duties. 

More people turned out this day. The vibe was good. I was more relaxed than the day before. It was not the case with the contestants, though. After 1000s of selfies and pics in the photocall, it was time for their private interview with the judges and the performances (hell yes!). And they got on with it. 

Some people did an speech in English, most of them in Spanish, and we still don't know if one of them had a billiard ball up his ass as he stated on stage or it was a joke (we'll leave it up to our imagination). They were fun to watch, though. Well done guys. So after they all did what they had to. We had a break for dinner and counting the votes. 

Dinner was so much fun. We had a reserved area of the hotel and the turnout was amazing. So many geared men craving for food and the other hotel guests didn't seem to care. In fact, they found it amazing! And we've even got a surprise cake with the main pic of the MLS poster on it! 

The surprise cake. 

It was time for the results though. My parents arrived at the hotel and I met them briefly before entering the Venir. Very nervous and surprised at first, people made them feel very accommodated so thanks for that guys (I was pretty nervous of their reaction too, but they were very proud of their kinky son. Ha!). 

Tony Blanko, with my parents, sister, Vane and Toni from the organisers team.

The contestants got few surprises. A little goody bag courtesy of Mister B and Into The Tank (thanks Manu, Tony and Mister B for that) and a contestant medallion each in recognition of their merit. And I got a surprise trophy for my collaboration too (which I didn't know about). So trying to hold my tears, I came down from the stage and gave it to my family in recognition of their support. 

And the time had come, after thanking the judges and the audience for coming, the results were in... I asked Thorsten Bull, the new Mr Leather Europe to give the sash, which he gladly did. 

The Stunning Thorsten, current Mr Leather Europe

2nd Runner up: David Espejo! 
1st Runner up: Fran!
And the new Mr Leather Spain 2016, Luis!! (You can find him on Facebook under the name of "Alter Cuero").

The winner, Luis with Fran (first runner up, right) and David (2nd runner up. left).

And after congratulating Luis and leaving him with all the attention someone gets at that moment, I went backstage towards Vane. That's when it hit me, I hugged her and I started to cry. It had finally happened. We had a Mr Leather Spain!! 

And we hope is the first of many years to come. 

Our new Mr Leather Spain 2016, Luis


Special thanks to the contestants: Luis, Fran, David, Cris, Frank, Ivan and Javier.

And the judges:

- Andrea Presi: representing Leather Friends Italia.
- Thorsten Bull: representing the ECMC and Mister Leather Europe. 
- Tony Blanko: representing Into The Tank
- Carlos: Representing "Grand Hotel Bali".
- Geoff: representing "Benidorm Pride".

Hope to see you all next year for a wonderful weekend.


Mr Leather Europe 2012

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