Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Leather vs age

At my age (25), there's no many people who can afford much leather or they don't have the courage to live their fetishes in an open way. That's why, maybe we can find more young rubbermen than leathermen. Luckily, the second fact is changing. There's this misconception of young people, that leather is only for older guys. In my own perception, the above facts are the ones contributing young men to think that way.

A group of rubbermen in Easter Berlin 2012
(they dressed me up in rubber, loved it!)

Well, there you go. When I filled up the application for Mr Leather UK, the last question was why do you wanna become Mr Leather UK? Well, one of my aims was, and is, to probe the above statement is not true. leather is not about age. And so it's not rubber or any kind of fetishes. They're human, natural, and they're in all of us. Lately, I am receiving lots of messages regarding this matter (without trying to sound pretentious, I try to answer them all but sorry if I have no time straight away. Promise to get back as soon as I can).

To the ones who have messaged me regarding this matter I will try to answer some concerns:

I do nothing extraordinary but just wearing leather and enjoying meeting likeminded guys. Thanks for your comments though, they're greatly appreciated. And if what you see encourages you, thanks a lot to YOU. You did it by yourself, I did nothing special.Your appreciation is lovely though. Remember, you are the ones with the power to let it out. I really appreciate what you tell me, as one of my aims as Mr Leather UK 2012 has been accomplished already. But there's lots to fight for. Think that someone can already be seeing you as his role model and you can encourage to them to be who they are, and one day, you could be getting the same messages you're writing now.
Young title holders in Easter Berlin 2012

Do not ever think again you are too young for this. I used to look at it that way too. Don't ask me why. Paradoxically, there's few senior people thinking the opposite, that they're already too old to wear leather. A great example that this is not true was the lovely encounter we had last weekend with Alexi Carpentieri, Mr Leather Europe 2012 (19 years old) and Peter, German Mr Leather 2011 (68 if I am right) in Berlin. Both lovely people, both enjoying their fetishes and encouraging others to do the same (Thanks for that BTW). Besides, there was lots of young title holders!

To the ones offering gifts, again, without sounding pretentious (guys, you know who you are, thanks for the books and stuff). THANKS A LOT!! Your gesture is really appreciated, but again, I am just a normal 25 year man. You would really make me happy by doing 2 things instead (I am happy with little lol). Go and buy any favourite piece of leather and wear it proud! Or think about supporting a local charity, relating to our lifestlyle or not. An example, did you know Spain has recently cut their funds for HIV research as they think its not that necessary? You can really help others, and most of the times, money is not needed. Think about it please and thanks a lot for that.
Alexi Carpentieri (left), enjoying a chat with Peter (Right), with IML 2012
Eric Gutierrez (centre) and Pshemek, Mr Leather Poland 2011 behind.

When that idea of Leather vs age(I use leather as example but valid with all kind fetishes) comes through your mind, remember, AGE IS JUST A NUMBER and each one has it's own preferences. Do not let anyone discourage you from being who you really are. And picture on your mind the lovely example my dearest friends, Peter and Alexi, who'll always be who they are, no matter their age.

With so much leatherlove,

Kilk x

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  1. Hi mate,
    You don't know me and ultill a few clicks ago I dodn't knwo you LOL
    But i'm writing to say your blog is awesome..not just beacuse of the pics and all the leather thing. But your writing and sayings are great.. how can i say it without sounding too corny... usually everyone post sex, you post love (in a sex context LOL)
    Trust me, that's a complimment.
    And well, as a 25 years old i really identified with your post... and conngrats for you title.
    Hope to see more of you! And thanks for saying what you say.
    It is guys like you who make the society more open to what is "different".