Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Antwerp Leatherpride 2013 and Berlin blues

So there we are: another journey back to London from another amazing leather event. This time the turn was for Antwerp leather pride. In my second consecutive year, I had the honour to judge Mr Leather Belgium again.

Still with the sweet memory of Quentin (Mr Leather Belgium 2012) and his election a year ago. It was such an honour to be part of his beginning and his step aside. It said that there's a transition in a title holders year. Is like a self evolution, an inner battle to find yourself. With Quentin, this has been as obvious as ever. A wake up call to what I expect it will happen to me in October. I will realise how everything has changed in the last 2 years, I guess. Such an emotional moment embracing him after he handled his title, and reminding him that this year was just the beginning. I kind of wonder what it will feel like for me in few months.

I started the weekend heading to the Petrol and the boots (of course). The boots has been awarded as the best fetish club at the X awards this year by the way. And despite I came all by myself from UK, it didn't take long to meet all my European family (oh, and some American too). Meeting with friends is always great, no matter what country you're in. Ad if there's a bit of action involved, even better ;-)

On Saturday, we had work to do. We headed to Darklands for the election of the new Mr Leather Belgium. Contestants were surprisingly calm and confident, which I loved. And Alejandro, of Filipino origin and with a breathtaking physique, was the winner of the title. If there was something that attracted my attention was his motivation though.
Here I must congratulate the organisers: the venue was more than outstanding: huge, with a market and booths. Kind of like IML. But this time the bar area, the dark area, and the dance area was all together. I thought the idea was amazing and I really hope next year more brands join, and of course, more people. The more, the better.

Sunday ended up being bit more relaxed and social. But meeting new people is always great. There's something that always happen in every single trip to me. I always meet someone special. Someone that leaves a sweet taste on my memories of that trip. I always end up going home alone though hehehe... This time was no different. But the best thing of all this trip for me is the memories we make, and that's something I always bring back with me.

I'm on a train to Brussels back to London with the former Mr leather Europe 2008 Ralf. Exhausted, but happy as ever, going through this little depression you get when is kind of events are over. Or as he call it, suffering from "Berlin blues". But he has a remedy, have his next trip booked.

So, looking forward to the next "Berlin blues" here...

Next stops (Planned as per now):

- February: Mr Rubber Florida, Fort Lauderdale.
- March: Mr Leather Poland, Poznan
- May: Amsterdam fetish pride and international Mr Leather (Chicago).
- July: Dore Alley (San Francisco).
- October: Mr Leather Europe 2013, Zurich

Mr Leather Europe 2012


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