Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Happy first anniversary Mr Leather and Mr Rubber UK 2012

Well, 365 full days have passed by since all this journey started. I believe all these feelings can not be translated into words. It's been a hell of a journey and a great honour to start representing the UK's fetish community.

In this journey, I had met amazing people all around the world. By the way, thanks for all your support. It'd be impossible to describe how important it is in a journey we've been through. A journey is never free from difficult moments, or disappointments, ups and downs. But just been able to meet such an amazing people all over makes it all more than worthy. Today, a year ago, we would have never imagine what was ahead of us.

With all these people's respect. I would love to specially mention Sly Hands once again. He's been such a good mentor, a friend and a great fetish ambassador throughout this year too (plus, he's admitted having wet dreams involving leather too hehehe...). This year would have never been the same without you, mi guapito.

But very specially, congratulations to my title husband Inuki. No matter the distance, you've been close when I needed it. And a great travel companion and emotional support too. You've achieved lots this year and went way further than we could both imagine. Our journey continues, it doesn't stop here. But today is a great day to look back, remember where it all started and all the great memories that came since then, and dream of the ones the future will bring.

No more words left but thanks for being part of this year with me.

Congratulations, and happy first anniversary sexy pup!

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  1. Enjoy!!!
    Y odio ese puñetero código que pide para publicar comentario :-)