Thursday, 25 October 2012

After MLE 2012

I am seated on the last row of a flight from Hamburg back to London, wearing my favourite leather vest and a very special leather wristband someone gave me at IML. I guess it's pretty normal after a weekend like the last one that lots of things come through my mind, specially from the last 11 months. When it all started, I had never imagined this would reach that far.

First, I would like to give a special recognition to Sly Hands. It's now a year that you invited me to take part at Mr Leather UK. And have supported me unconditionally and helped me ever since then. Your title might end up in 2 weeks, but the effect you had in people will last for a lifetime. I guess it's not easy for friends and family to follow all this either, so thanks for your support and for sharing this journey with me.

Last Saturday, in Hamburg, I felt like being part of a big family. ECMC has been very inclusive inviting me to take part of not only this, but all their events during the past 11 months. Thanks for inspiring the future generation of leathermen. I feel so humbled I've been given this opportunity. It was fantastic to see so many clubs there together. And supporting everyone no matter the country we were coming from.Daniel, special thanks for your words, and for taking care of us. You should know that I am already nervous about getting whipped next year...

Finalists: Mr Leather Italy and Mr Fetish NRW 2012 
To the rest of the 9 brothers that took part this year. Wow! It's been a pleasure meeting you. Thanks for standing my nerves the way you did. And for putting a great show together. Hosts were right: What a creativity! I really hope seeing you all soon, and that we share this journey together.

And not to forget the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Spike Hamburg (who did a great job in organising this fantastic weekend), hosts, all the sponsors, people that attended (very important nowadays), technicians and everyone that made this possible. Regarding the sash, special mention to Mr Chaps. They've done an amazing job designing it. Danke!

It's been so gratifying to share this weekend with you, and to feel the warmth of everyone that approached with the best wishes to all the contestants. We all have the same in common, so let's keep the fetish alive.

Remember there are two words which move the world, so each and everyone, thank you!

Kilker Alcaraz
Mr Leather Europe 2012

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