Thursday, 4 October 2012

Pre Mr Leather Europe impressions

                    Two weeks left to Mr Leather Europe contest, and nerves are already flowing through my veins. It is really bringing me to the beginning of may, when I couldn't think of anything else than International Mr Leather. I must say I am really excited, and, like IML, I am sure it will be surprising, since I've never been to the contest before. Have a look at the contestants this year, as somebody told me, they're a great representation of the European leather community (great guys!). Looking forward to see them again.

Mr Leather Europe is organised by the members of the ECMC. Each year a different club organises it. And this year is the turn of Spike Hamburg the weekend of the 20th of October. I've never been to the city, so that will add spice to my experience. I actually must thank to all the members of the ECMC. They've been really supportive this year and proved how inclusive the leather scene can be. And helped me to bring the message of Mr Leather UK even further by inviting me to all their events (shame I couldn't do them all but looking forward to the ones to come).

I am having a fantastic end of current title year. My expectations have been SURPRISINGLY surpassed. At this time, I look back and think "can you believe all this would happen?". The answer is clear, its been all an absolute surprise.

Is now when I look back and think of a lot of people. I must specially thank as usual to my rubber brothers Sly Hands and Rubber Inuki (who I will be supporting and cheering up at Mr international Rubber next month in Chicago). And special thanks at this time too to The Hog Works who is been really supportive this year, and specially now for Mr Leather Europe.

After all, as I've been saying through the whole year, the best thing of holding this title is been meeting all this amazing people that I met, that that will be there for a lifetime. So looking forward to meet the ones that I already met again in Hamburg, and of course, so looking forward for upcoming ones!

So, see you everyone in Hamburg in two weeks!

Kilker Alcaraz
Mr Leather UK 2012


  1. You will win, not a doubt!

  2. It is written in your destiny to do amazing things for us fetishmen, to be our guiding light out of the darkness that we have been in for so long. You are a deserving winner of Mr Leather Europe 2012 and we look forward to seeing you in Manchester soon again.
    Fetish Hugs n Tugs Guapo
    Steve & Jai